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PaperMonster  New York, NY

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About PaperMonster

PaperMonster is a stencil graffiti artist who’s vivid and intricate pieces explore the beauty behind the eyes and facial expressions of women. Born in Puerto Rico, PaperMonster incorporates stencil and pasting techniques to create pieces of art on any surface by incorporating pop culture icons, Asian typography, patterns and texture to present vibrant emotions and stories. His work allows the audience to take his creations for pure face value or explore deeper into each piece.

PaperMonster’s stencil art technique continues to grow and evolves demonstrating his ability to grow and explore a wide variety of themes. His work has been featured in magazines and exhibitions throughout the world such as the Melbourne Stencil Festival (Australia 2008), I Am 8-bit show (California), Stolen Space Gallery (London), Rokon Magazine (Seoul, Korea), and Proteus Magazine(Issue 5 Cover.)

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"woah these are rlly gud we are doing a project bout ur art at skkol"


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"I love the art man how do u do it? Mate u have some next level talent keep hold of it dont loose it xx it looks way betta than me"


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"really awesome! love the style of his work ;) <3"

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