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Gilbert Garcin  Marseille, France

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About Gilbert

Gilbert Garcin spent most of his life managing a lamp factory in France. At 65, he retired and took up a trick photography workshop. For the past ten years he has been creating comical, surrealistic photographs which warmly highlight sometimes cold, existential questions. Garcin inhabits this strange world and ponders it together with the viewer; with Garcin you have a dedicated, but perplexed, guide.

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"lovely style. a nice take of m.c. escher, though not quite the same"

"The second one is stunning..."

"absolutely fantastic! :D"

"This is very very creative and the perspectives are so interesting and different. I've never really even seen anything quite like this. Very great work."

"I love the humor put into this! Very cool work"

"I think the second photograph represents certain individuals success. Most people are moving forward, and some are financially successful for longer times. But the road, "or conveyor belt" eventually ends."

"Love the struggle portrayed in the first image. I know in my life the struggle to make order out of chaos is the greatest I have faced. And, like in the second illustration, sometimes it feels like life has us on a treadmill to knowhere. Who cannot relate to at least one of these?"

"Ahhh, I think it is truly difficult to be unique in the world of B+W photography, and I feel this person has done it. I just love these. Just what is he holding onto? was my first thought."

"I like these very much! Surreal and quirky."

"I like this man struggling with the ropes - it is a great looking image!"

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