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Jennifer Sanchez  New York, NY

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About Jennifer

My paintings invite the viewer to experience new and emergent spaces. They explore relational space and the idea that while having no positive existence of its own, space allows everything else to exist. They are full of bright colors, circles and swirls that illustrate a perpetually changing environment. They can be best described as exploding optimism and are unabashedly happy.

At this point, I want to experiment with new palettes, add more spontaneous elements, work larger, and learn more about different conceptions of space.

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1 comment from the artist

"thanks to everyone for your encouraging words!yes i am a huge fan of beatriz milhazes. have seen several of her shows at james cohen. there are so many artists that inspire me. to see just a few go to here on my site: yes kandinsky is definitely one!"

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"Excellent work. Go girl. Keep it up"

"I don't see any connection-progression-coherence of her new work (2010) with her work one made in (2009). 2009 too too much of a copy of Beatriz Milhazes' work."

"its so color full"

"these pictures r awesome and so colorfull"

"beautiful, enthralling, fantastic, musical, loud, creative, colorful... the list could go on forever!"

"This reminds me of the Vector style. Very nice."

"I want that on my wall! both of them!"

"wow!!! this is my favorite artist now. i'm also an artist and i would like to try and do some of what she does"


"I've compared these with Beatriz Milhazes and this art is A LOT better. These colors are more intense and cohesive. Kudos!!"

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