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Carl Oxley III  Hamtramck, MI

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About Carl Oxley

I love Painting. Most of all, I love making people laugh and smile. My art is almost always happy and humorous, with bright colors and crazy characters. I make art of all sizes. From 4 feet by 8 feet, to 5 inches by 7 inches, and everything in between. I believe art should be accessible to everyone. It is extremely important to me that the people who enjoy my work the most, can afford to take home the piece they love.

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"the bird is really good and your art is very happy and funny to me I hope you keep doing this"

"I would love to hang your paintings all over my house. Just the kind of fantastic and happy art I love to surround myself with. Awesome work!"

"rock on popartmonkey!They should have put up one of your giraffes!"

"Hi there, nice to see you still getting recongnition for your great work."

"I like the one with the bird; it's very cheerful."

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