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Polly Verity  Edinburgh, Scotland

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About Polly

The wire is built up into a 3D wireframe using the wire and this describes the contours and outline of the gryphon. The wire is joined to itself by tight wrapping of wire around wire using pliers, there is no hot process involved. Then a the fine paper (sized first with glue) is put on wet. This paper skin then dries taut. The individual creatures are usually kept in an antique glass dome or perpex box for protection and display.

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"Excelente, dan placer"

"Are you the Polly Verity who, with brother Tom, helped create tha grotto atthe Horton Menagerie Northamptonshire long ago ? If so, how are you and Tom ?"

"I think your work is amazing seeing this has helped with my own, for A Level art. Thank you for making your work public for people to see."

"i love de griffin! how long does it take you to create these?!"

"These imaages are quite delightful to the eyes!"

"These are just exquisite!"

"these are so awesome! i love the detail and overall beauty of it! 5 of 5!"

"Polly - Your work is beautiful and intriguing."

"not a big fan of bees and big birds with huge claws but i LOVE these!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"It's great i never thought of using that tip of material!!!And great imagination!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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