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Adam Deal  Atlanta, GA

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About Adam

Adam Deal is an abstract photographer from Atlanta Georgia. His most notable photos center around reflections and entropy. Adam describes his work by saying “I’ve always been drawn to the abstract, so my photos communicate this attraction. My main intention is to shed new light on common scenes through experimentation with composition, color and perspective while always maintaining a distinct aesthetic appeal. I seek creative novelty within old (well known) contexts. This interest often results in surreal imagery that covers a wide range of subject matter. I believe in the importance of discovering truly new perspectives in imagery. Through my camera, I hope to share a fresh and unique view of the world around us. Much of the subject matter I choose to photograph deserves some explanation.”

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"I absolutely love both photots. The first, was my favrotis, just to be so easily distracted from the real thing, by a simple refelction. love it"

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