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Dana Clancy  Boston, MA

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About Dana

My paintings are about observing and being observed. In my portraits I combine observational painting with pattern, invented color, and flattened space in order to suggest the inner life of the subject while drawing the viewer’s attention to his or her own act of looking at the painting.

I often use a rounded shape within my paintings to strengthen the viewer’s sensation of peering in or looking at a subject elliptically. I am interested in how this shape can allude to a lens or screen that brings the world closer while distancing it through a filter. I also like the visual opposition of an organic shape against a regular, rectangular support or wall.

Since 2003 my work has also explored the broader theme of the culture of spectacle and spectating that pervades contemporary life even as we seek out contemplative experiences. Another series of current work depicts museum audiences congregating along balconies and passing through modern exhibition spaces. By elevating the point of view and juxtaposing near and far space in the painting, I call attention to the viewer’s position as a spectator whose observation mirrors the subject of the paintings. As with my portraits, the museum paintings contrast closeness and distance, form and flatness, and what is seen and what is hidden as a way to explore the act of looking.

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"it looks like its an ice skating rink in a mall with escalators."

"it's a great idea"

"Very nice piece. I take it, it was inspired by frank loyld wrights Guggenheim interior. Lovely muted colours and well constructed perspectives makes you feel like you are part of the scene. Can nearly hear the echoes of the building and the mumbling of the spectators."

"wow i love this! its amazing!!"

"Very imaginative, that would be awesome in really life to have asuch a staircase in a museum! The girl is beautiful and emotional. Awesome!"

"so when i was in colory theory class we had to do these things called retinal paintings. your work reminds me of these "retinal studies"--observing the natural tendencies of color and reproducing them as acurately as possible. i'm especially drawn to the image of the girl looking out the window. there's a certain emotion there that has been captured very successfully."

"What a fantastic coincidence (or maybe it's not), I just bought myself a beautiful Dana Clancy piece at Laconia Gallery's 150x150 show this past weekend. Love her work."

"I love that art work."


"i luv wat you have done wit dat"

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