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Valerie Collart  Copenhagen, Denmark

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About Valerie

The encounter of structure and chaos; the rigor of certain forms combined with a sharp interest in sculptural surface and texture, are the two axis of tension, around which I develop the formal language.

The austerity, the formal economy is continually destabilized by the means of fabrication, the choice of materials and/or their diversion. Oxidation, crystallization, pictorial qualities of certain textures; deconstruction and lightening of mass and it’s unity by a coating that contradicts our initial apprehension of the material and thus that of the volume.The materiality of the surface combined with the thinness of the volumes optically suspends the solidity of the sculptures.

The visual vocabulary that oscillates between man made-constructions and natural phenomenons, drives a reflection on sculpture as a medium wherein the formal duality on one hand, evokes a sense of stability, solidity and on the other recognizes its fragile and impermanent nature.

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"I think an Art Player titles a piece that has been playing out in the Mind Set so to express to the viewer an idea of where syntax of the composition was developed. For sure explaination certainly should not be a requirenent. I also like Fine art that I don't like. Especialy the ones that depict the angst of war."

"Pretty freaking cool"

"What good is art to one who needs an explanation first; ideally it would be a different interpretation to every person.One either gets it or they are just lazy."

"I like the contrast (on the white cube) between the flowing and chaotic outer and the highly structured, geometric inner. Well done Valerie!"

"i love the cubeand that vocabulary blew my mind."

"i don't get it at all but it's pretty cool!!!!!!!!!"

"I understand the artist's point of view. It is very interesting and it helps me to understand the pieces a lot better after I hear the interpretation or the idea behind them.Very good!"

"I dig her work and I DO get what she was saying."

"i like the melting cube a lot. I didn't get what the artist meant in her paragraphs, but the art is good"


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