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Erik Johansson  Prague, Czech Republic

'Above All'
'Nightmare Perspective'

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About Erik

Erik Johansson is a photographer and visual artist from Sweden based in Prague, Czech Republic. His work can be described as surreal world created by combining different photographs. Erik works on both personal and commissioned projects with exhibitions and clients all around the world. In contrast to traditional photography he doesn’t capture moments, he captures ideas with the help of his camera and imagination. The focus is on the story and the goal is to make it look as realistic as possible even if the scene itself contains impossible elements. In the end it all comes down to problem solving, finding a way to capture the impossible.

Quick facts about Erik

Although his work consists of a lot of work in post-production and combining photogaphs he always tries to capture as much as possible in camera on location. It often means building props and using creative ways of planning the shoot.
There are no computer generated-, illustrated- or stock photos in Erik's personal work, just complex combinations of his own photographs. It's a long process and he only creates around 8 new images a year.

Recommended by our guest curators

Alice Yoo

Founder/editor, My Modern Metropolis

"I can't think of a more creative photo manipulating artist that Erik Johansson. His surreal scenes are filled with incredible imagination yet there's a drop of reality in each one that makes them even more intriguing."

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'Into The Woods'

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"Omg I loving all the colour an detail well done Erik ?"

"This is awesome"

"cool design, I like creativity"

"you are open mind ...i like"

"At first, I would like to say that I am just impressed by your work. How realistic all you pics look like. Incredibly awsome. Can I have a question? Where do you take your inspiration from? Can you see the ilusion in your mind?"

"i think this photogrsphy and retouch is amazing some day i want to do this"

"Astonishing surrealism!"

"True Creativity!!!"

"amazing works."

"Hi Erik,Fantastic works you do. I love your photography. If you want, we can often exchange ideas or photography projets. I am Togolese(West Africa). I am artist...Jean-Fred"

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