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Jennifer Khoshbin  San Antonio, TX

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About Jennifer

As part of her work as a book artist, Jennifer Khoshbin hand carves vintage children’s books in concentric circles in order to frame specific words or phrases that hold meaning to her. Her work is designed to cause the observer to think about the book’s meaning from a different vantage point. Old books don’t hold much sway over many children nowadays, so Khoshbin rescues these forgotten tales and gives them new lives as permanent pieces of sculpture.

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"Jennifer, I saw the beautiful bears you made for Bareburger. We've got a pub in our called the Bear & Rabbit. Would love to see if we could have you make a bear for our pub. My husband's a Brit. I was thinking of the bear with the Union Jack. Let me know if that's possible."

"nice my art class we are doing a project just like that its AWESOME...i used ur pic for an example."

"absolutely beautiful, the piece does exactly what the author wished for.....any author.."

"I love Alice In Wonderland, so this is wonderful to me! Brillant work done with this!"

"A comment on a comment (Julie 04/14). Don't you see the books have become art, and have become once more appreciated for that reason? Please don't take offense. Just my thoughts."

"I really like your work."

"Brilliant work."

"Simply creative and wonderfully imaginative, I enjoyed this."

"great work, i feel your drawing series is much stronger, creative and has more to tell, kept me far more interested. "...childrens books all hacked up! what a shame. this is really the cheapest thing ive seen on this web site so..." -clearly no attempt at understanding or perhaps even reading the artists intent."

"nice work."

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