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Adam Reeder  Folsom, CA

'Sleeping gamer'
'Pan with his iPod'

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About Adam

Adam Reeder was born and raised in the Los Angeles Area and Camarillo, California.

Adam moved to Utah for college where he graduated in Art and then returned to the Bay Area in 2006. He finished his Masters Degree at The Academy of Art in San Francisco in 2009. He currently teaches art to students of all ages in the Sacramento area.

Adam has been an artist since he was young. He has been a working professional in portraits since 1999 and bronze sculpture since 2000.

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3 comments from the artist

"Adam Finished his MFA!!!"

"Hmmm..."Kitch"...yes, I like that. I gladly embrace that label in the tradition of Warhol, and Duchamp, thanks Rick.Thanks to everyone else for the constructive, informed comments.Adam"

"The top one is A man being held down by hands coming from an unseen source. It the fight against himself?? some have said to me "he is going through a divorce", others "he is trying to quite smoking". One six year old little girl asked what he was going to do when he got free. She had so much hope in life, she just assumed he would break free. The other is one of 4 in a body of work known as "socio- technic evolution". The title alone should indicate that there is more going on than just a shallow representation of a satyr with an iPod. If you can't see it at first, don't worry. There is something deliberately pop art-ish about this. If you google the title of the body of work, a strain of social science called "socio- technical" will come up, which seeks to define what this work is about. I hope people can be mature enough to look at all parts of a body of work, before making a decision about the meaning of one sculpture. It also becomes a question to the viewer "why only Greek images??" it is too bad when people can't see past the visual language of figurative art, to find meaning in valid post- modern work."

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"Somehow, the word "Kitch" comes to mind! Great work! At first glance I thought I was viewing an Old Master's it turns out, It's the work of a Young Master! Hopefully, 500 years from now, students will be studying HIS WORKS!"

"This work makes a statement about where we have been and where we are going. Not all art does that. Very well executed"

"Adam uses his knowledge of folklore, history and a very witty sense of humor to construct his art. It is for this reason that I love it!"

"Beautiful work. You have a great sensibility."

"Amazing work! Each piece seems to be better than the last!"

"I love Adams stuff, classical academic work with modern contemporary twists, its so relevant to our day and age..."

"I love that this work holds not only a highly skilled level of craftsmanship, but is also bringing classical figurative work into an entirely relevant current discussion. Pan with his iPod has a great amount of humor at a surface level, but runs much deeper than that.This is strong work from a great artist, I look forward to seeing what will come next!"

"Adam Reeder is an amazing artist who successfully marries the past with the present. He is technically astute, but more importantly he understands issues which face the world and brings them completely into his work. He does this by evoking a variety of emotion from the viewer. I could look at Adam's sculptures all day, every day. Anyone lucky enough to own one of these treasures has not only an excellent piece of art but also a true investment piece to pass from one generation to the next.PS No, I am not Adam's promoter, I only love and appreciate excellent art."

"Adam has a rare gift for spanning time with his work. I love it!"

"everyone has the skills af each,and people one free to express that.good work!"

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