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Bauke Knottnerus  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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About Bauke

Netherlands based artist Bauke Knottnerus approaches design on a macro level using large threads to create large scale woven objects. “PHAT KNITS” is a series of giant threads used to create, knitted or not, interior products.

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"great, looks very comfy. work of the giants grandma the knitter."

"Wow, how did they knit that swatch? That is truly amazing."

"it totally reminds me of the knots that we as people let ourselves get into. its "anxiety" personified."

"My 10 year old could do better than this, but she is very talented!!! The only interesting things are the scale and the weird looking materials - I guess he's a foam sculpture? I do think they're whimsical, but I don't see any commercial value. Who would buy those huge things? They wouldn't look right anywhere but the studio. Knottnerus, don't quit your day job!!!"

"wow the art in this picture is amazing. Crazy how ppl actually dream of this stuff. The threads look as if more denser than normal couches or chairs, flexible, and very light. It doesnt remind me of the knots in life though it thouroughly reminds me of maybe... the things we have in life and how we are so greedy, and how we could have evrything in our dreams and still ask for more when many people are out there IN A KNOT. That is what it is to me and i think this pic. would help untie a knot and make us feel comfy. So i think everyone should think of this piece as a donation to life like u should donate to others."

"Look Mom I can tie my own shoes...and other stuff as well! Next Stop VELCRO!"

"Would you call him a "knit...wit?" I guess they are kind of fun."

"The technical skill that is involved in all his works approachs that of a self indulgent giant who knits."

"Does Knottnerus mean knotty, as in the 1st artwork (man on knotted or chained fabrics)? I think he's giving us a chance to lie down with the sleeping dog of his model here and, even while we're napping (maybe through the power of napping), untie all the knots of life's problems (as another commentator suggests)."

"I like how the larger scaled items make the room seem as if it is smaller, much fun!"

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