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Crystal Liu  San Francisco, CA

'Underground, "someday maybe"'
Gouache, watercolour and collage on paper
'A balancing act, "holding it together"'
Gouache, watercolour and collage on paper

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About Crystal

Crystal Liu was the Gold Medal Award winner at Ontario College of Art and Design when she graduated with her BFA in 2003. She completed her MFA at the San Francisco Art Institute in 2005. Her photos hail from cities such as Toronto, San Francisco, Chicago and Glasgow. Landscapes float up into view with a delicate touch more akin to painting than photography. Their vastness and freedom allow viewers to surrender, re-imagine, or re-create them as personal reverie or memory. In the summer of 2005 she joined the Hosfelt Gallery in San Francisco.

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"Both so lovely and feminine."

"Love them both! The first one reflects the malaise I sometimes feel when driving in a suburban environment that has many endless condos all fairly the same. Like these endless boxes........The second is pertinent to the first in that the fact therein lies that many trees and the environment are being perhaps negatively affected by using housing that is perhaps not well built and not perhaps conceived of or built with sustainability in mind."

"very soothing ... i like the "weeping willow" and "flower" series. interesting perspective on asian still art form...traditional yet modern"

"Her work is pretty diverse. She has some interesting felt drawings, too. It's impossible to get inside an artist's head, unless you sit down and have a conversation. (And maybe not even then!;)"

"I also am watching below pic....I feeling though it's going up down from top in only blood-like. You know what I mean."

"the second one is awesome and really creative"


"I am watching below seems to be going up from the bottom in only blood-like."

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