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Carolyn Salas  Brooklyn, NY

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About Carolyn

Carolyn Salas in a native of California, who currently lives and works in Brooklyn. Her work consists of sculptures and installations influenced by day-to-day experiences, relationships, and the increasingly charged sociopolitical climate we reside in. Salas’ choice of materials is driven by concept, and by this method she works with a wide array of materials including, found objects, and craft oriented assemblages of felt and fabric. She holds an MFA from Hunter College, NY and a BFA from the College of Santa Fe, NM. She has completed solo exhibitions in New York at Priska Juschka Fine Art, as well as collaborative exhibitions with Adam Parker Smith, at Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, Gallerie Nordine Zidoun in Luxembourg, Silly Thing Gallery in Hong Kong and has an upcoming show at Urbis, City Center in Manchester, UK.

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"pic a; antics of a synchronized metamorphosispic b; crafty enlistment of the tradition and beliefs of an unnamed sect"

"Crazy idea! Very interesting. I know some family members who would love to hang him on the wall. That would be the best joke."

"what is the carpet made out of? cheese?"

"Carolyn Salas has outdone herself again! I have had the unique experience to not only view these two pieces of work but all of her work for the past ten years and these are just another example of her talent and ability. She continues to amaze me!"

"I see this piece the increasingly charged sociopolitical climate we reside in: Wall Street and D.C. as an example. One could look at this and see the representation of a buck at the top of the food chain that got way out of control, or the polemic it's going to take the once in a life-time individual to grab everyones attention and lead us into the future. Or perhaps by the web of relationships that we all experience. If you have no imagination, of course you would never see how this example of art could be influenced by anything."

"Hey, Thanks for checking out the work."Trophy" is a collaborative piece done with Adam Parker Smith please check out his website for more"

"A fabulous tribute to a beautiful animal by an exceptional!!"

"whats up with the carpet??"

"Deer naturally shed their antlers on an annual basis. The artist's statement on her website regarding this work: "Serving as proof of merit in a society of bizarre values, ??Trophy? sports a three-hundred point hand-made resin rack."So, these antlers aren't real, but hand crafted from a man-made material to imitate (I would say in an ironic way) something natural which is considered to have value as a trophy object, but only if still attached to the animal and not if they were found on the ground after shedding.Some might also say that hunting wild game for meat is more humane/healthy than buying factory farmed supermarket meat, the head then being a byproduct of this practice. Of course, if this particular animal actually existed, its trophy value would be far more desirable than its value as meat.Thoughtful work, if you are interested in taking the time to consider it..."

"My sister Carolyn never ceases to amaze me. She takes mundane objects and creates beautiful and thoughtful art. Her work is beyond recyling or re-use but rather creating something brand new and unimaginable from something unexpected. She is highly skilled and continues to find a new craft!"

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