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Lori Field  New York, NY

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About Lori

My mixed media drawings and paintings begin with preliminary collages used as sketches or references. The drawings, executed from these references, are stream of consciousness ‘outtakes’ from worlds depicted within the original collages, and they straddle a border between reality and dream, past life and present. The beings that continue to emerge evoke subliminal, mysterious worlds – planets of my own creation, demimondes peopled with anthropomorphic ‘angels with attitude’, accompanied by mutants, exhibitionists, seducers, chimeras……..and other intimate strangers.

Drawing is a passion, and I intend for the work to be drawing-based, concentrating on the use of non-traditional media and arcane materials, always submitting to an obsession with obsessiveness. The mediums can vary: some are colored pencil drawings on vintage slate chalk boards, others are meditatively drawn silverpoint renderings on gessoed paper. Yet materially, the goal is often to combine obsessive drawing with encaustic painting. Many works are mixed media paintings that incorporate my own colored pencil drawings on rice paper or hand-colored one of a kind prints with additional collage, thread, encaustic, beeswax, lace, charms, insect wings – whatever feels like inspiration.

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"Awe..This is very unique and artistic! one of my favorites!"

"I am so happy this morning to have wandered onto these collages. I feel as though after walking a familiar path, I've happened upon a shock of wild flowers - that disappear and reappear when I blink my eyes. Magic! Thank you."

"Lori, Your intricate work is captivating. I recently ran across a magazine that publishes reviews of artists doing work similar to yours. You may already know of it, but I will mention it anyway. It is a publication out of L.A. called Hi-Fructose. Once again I've enjoyed your work thanks to Google.....Ben Fuentes."

"unity in the circle of life ?"


"OK, I guess?"

"absolutely amazing!"

"Asian and African faces, cuddly creatures, and some pastels with flowers and some disgusting stuff..."

"excelentes obras me encantaron"

"Lovely! I love the first one, so soft and sweet! Keep up your fantastic talent!"

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