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Rene Lynch  Brooklyn, NY

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About Rene

My paintings of girls explore the blurred boundary where childish fantasy collides with a growing realization of sexuality and the wider world, when a girl begins to break free and desires, like Alice in Wonderland, to see what is beyond the looking glass.

These girls depicted in their nightdresses appear lost in the woods — are they sleepwalking” — or are you the viewer encountering these forest spirits in a dream world” The young girls are a metaphor for innocence and vulnerability, protectors of untrammeled nature. The forest they inhabit is at once a refuge from, and a symbol of the dark unknown, both of the unconscious and the greater darker side of our present world, menaced by terrorism, wars and global warming.

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"Wow! I had honestly thought those commenting on the sexual nature were being dramatic .. Until I looked on the site. Art is sometimes about pushing boundaries and creating taboo and disturbing works. But, for me, it's too much. It feels as if instead of showing the inner girl, becoming aware of the world around her and of who she is, it's flaunting her new and (too early) sexuality - lacking in anything else. Maybe just created for that 'shock' effect? Either way, I didn't enjoy it."

"Very valid, Alice. Didn't think of it that way. I am not sure I totally understand the artists role as socially responsible but I hear you. I am glad art can elicit these kinds of conversations..."

"And so why should we excuse the artist from social responsiblity when all others in society must abide by boundaries? Don't get me wrong, I think this artist is fabulous. Yes, I agree the ultimate goal is to capture a feeling & evoke that feeling in those who view your work. There is nothing amazing (and nothing new) about expressing sexuality thru art. The truth is, without the soft porn bio, many (myself included) would not necessarily view these images sexually at all, and so I have to question this female's intention. There is only the slightest hint of unintentional sexuality with the young girl resting on the tree. The bottom image of the 2 children absolutely would not evoke anything sexual in my mind w/o that bio. It is actually the look on the young boy's face that is so striking (and nonsexual) & a schoolgirl tugging at her skirt doesn't elicit anything sexual in my mind at all. This is just a fabulous painting overall. I think this artist needs to revisit & seriously consider where she wants to go with these images & who she wants going with her."

"I have to remark on some comments left here by other viewers: I don't think it is the role of art to apply morality or support certain values, its just supposed to convey feeling. As long as you are feeling something through the use of the imagery, then the artist has accomplished their mission. Once we start imposing values on subject matter, its a slippery slope.Isn't it amazing that the artist could convey sensuality in the most unlikely places? on full clothed figures? At an unlikely age?I think it depicts a kind of bridge in everyone's coming of age: not quite old enough but not too young. When the outside world starts to creep in on your land of make believe and youthful idealism. A little bit like the beginning of disillusionment."

"Holy overreaction, Batman! Acts of eye-gouging and mind-numbing are taking place all over Gotham. They say an artist is to blame!"

"I would have to say that the first picture expresses itself for everything it is...sexual. And purely that. In this day and age, it is hard to find the place to draw the line of what is "appropriate" and "inappropriate". At first glance, it is a beautiful piece of art, but if a mother would look at this, would she really feel comfortable having her daughter pose for this? No. A loving mother with good morals would not for the simple fact that the position of the child is sexual, the look on the child's face is sexual, and the way her clothing is positioned on her is sexual. This is a dream come true for any child predator out there, there's no denying that. And I believe that a girl finding her sexuality is a very private and sensitive thing...not something to be displayed for those who can look at it as art - and those that can look at it for inappropriate reasons. As for the second picture, the fact that the child standing in the foreground has every muscle in her lower back revealed for the world to see is proof in itself that this is meant to be sexual. When it comes to the second child in the background, her positioning is purely would find a woman in a pornographic magazine standing like that. In the end, the real question is, personally and we really want to be depicting our younger and still innocent generation like this? Do we really want to be leaving these pieces of art up for interpritation for the wrong eyes? Do we want our younger generation thinking that this is okay?"

"wierd....I like the picture just not the meanings behind them...but hey this is your art and your exsprestion and dont let anyone discourage you : )"

"I kind of like the ones that aren't so sexually overt but that present this ominous feeling. Ultimately, I think that it is really easy to sell these paintings to pervy, rich guys who can have it hanging in their house and say, "it's not pervy, it's art". My question is why do all the girls look like models? Why are they all thin? Do only thin, pretty, girls discover their sexuality? Because all the girls are very pretty, I start to question the intent of the work. And just because these are painted by a woman doesn't mean that these questions don't need to be asked."

"there is another wicked face in the top left in leaves of the top painting."

"after seeing site, i can also say, this artist is a master at capturing a look of seduction and other intimate expression that few other portraitists could even hope for. including self. The "Gaze" series is very compelling. Ashame other series cross the line to illegal."

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