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Michael Wandelmaier  Toronto, ON, Canada

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Michael Wandelmaier is an illustrator and graphic designer who currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada. Though formally trained as a civil engineer and geologist, Michael has chosen to pursue a career in the arts. He uses both traditional and digital media in his work.

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'The Sea'



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"the top picture reminds me of mobby dick"

"Wow! The whale piece made me look back multiple times. Very interesting perspective!"

"Very well done: The (not) whale/unicorn/dragon is not a creature of the sea. Perhaps not a creature at all. It is a chimera capable of distorting or rearranging reality, a god. The death-mask "men" may want to limit its creative power, to have it themselves, control it, but it is no good. It cannot be surrounded. It is they who must attend the god."

"hmmm This isn't my taste in sealife but I think his color is wonderful and reminds me of some of the great painters from our past."

"It's a fantastical, three-horned, hairy narwhal! What would Captain Ahab think?"

"Wow! Very Interesting....!"

"Great colors plus traditional Asian art influence in the whale piece. The squid-faced character in the marionette painting reminds me of some character out of the Star Wars movies. I detect dom scary thematic undercurrents!"

"I love these. Would LOVE a print of the whale picture. Great one. Can I get a print?"

"Nice endo period style futurama!"

"i like this painting it is awesome"

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