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Andrew Jones  New York, NY

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About Andrew

Andrew Jones is an artist in the West Village in New York City. He is a contemporary painter of original oil paintings of scenes of Greenwich Village and Chelsea.

His New York cityscapes depict brownstone stoops, brick facades, and elaborate ironwork of historic Federal and Greek revival townhouses. Architecture and architectural elements fill his streetscape artworks, and his highly original ‘stoopscapes” feature cast iron and wrought iron railings, often bathed in raking sunlight. Of significance are his innovative ‘stoop shadow” paintings, which portray the shadows of ironwork cascading down brownstone steps. These artworks merge a tradition of realism with the beauty of abstract form, resulting in art that is both Classical and modern.

Andrew’s artwork also includes representational American landscapes of oceans, beaches, and forests along the East Coast, including Cape Cod, the Hamptons and Fire Island. European cityscapes and landscapes offer views of the cities and countryside of France and Italy, with a particular focus on the ruins of the Forum in Rome, Venice’s canals and bridges, and streetscapes in Tuscany, including Florence and the Tuscan town of San Gemigniano. Other subject matter includes still life paintings depicting flower stands in Greenwich Village.

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"Love the shadow on the stoop. It leaves me somehow restless, or wanting....."

"Iron and concrete take on soft curves and shades in this juxtaposition of values. Second image, strong linear forms, attention riviting architectual details made even stronger by the play of iron railings reaching out."

"you know, I think this is a really good twist to what I call 'Interior Paintings'--you know the ones that always look good in peoples homes--like Rothko and stuff. Anyways, good use of Composition. I'm constatnly working on capturing that myself. : )"

"His technical skills are remarkable, but the motives a bit boring, I must say.."

"Wow!I thought that these were photographs at first.Wow."

"Absolutely amazing! I'm so impressed, Andrew."

"Now this is a piece I would like to see on my wall.Photorealism but no real hard edges that make thiseasy on the eyes. Simple colors, not complicated, restful. Thank you for this pleasure."

"The photorealism and clean lines of most of Andrew's displayed work makes the surreal quality of the "stoopscape" ironwork shadow that much more an accent/complement to his other works."

"these are good at first i thought it was photo realism"

"Andrew is a painter of crowded cityscapses. The ususal result is frenetic but his paintiings are remarkably calm even when they veer towards abstraction."

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