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Scarlett Graafland  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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About Scarlett

Scarlett Hooft Graafland (1973) lives in Amsterdam and works just about everywhere in the world. Between 2005 and 2008 she traveled to Iceland, China, Bolivia and the Arctic Circle, more precisely to Igloolik. These journeys all required careful preparation and were spent in close company of the local population, often over a period of several months. Each project attests to Scarlett’s particularly strong commitment to her artistic endeavor.

Scarlett was initially educated as a sculptor, and her photographic work has the attributes of an installation as well as a performance. In the lava fields of Iceland, the mountains of China or the deserts of Bolivia, she is the choreographer of extraordinary ballets: nude figures on a colorful rooftop, women sitting on a mound of salt, or young girls astride a pagoda. Elsewhere, in the majesty of a foggy landscape, she lays out the perfect circle of a pizza pie on top of a lotus: a most contemporary offering to the eternal mountains of Yangzhou. Scarlett’s images, poetic and surrealist, playfully displace ordinary objects in strange lands.

Scarlett studied art at the Royal Academy of Fine Art in The Hague, at the Bazalel Academy in Jerusalem and at the Parsons School of Design in New York.

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"The people who constructed Stonehenge did it first and did it better - 5000 years ago!"

"i love the first one on top. its out there. i just started designing sculptures.wall hangings. just dont know how to put them together.loking for some insight......"

"AGREED. its so out there that it draws you to it every single time you take a glance."

"On her website she mentions working with another photographer's arrangements in the salt flats of Bolivia to get the photo being displayed with the woman in it. Derivative works?"

"I recognize that this artist is doing an interpretation of Smithson's Spiral Jetty and I absolutely prefer Smithson's work. As for giving credit to Smithson, perhaps she does in some write up on the work, but one would hardly expect for credit to be given within the work itself. Art often speaks to other art without citing the source within the work itself. In any case, my question for RSadler was not asked to agree or disagree, but to inquire as to what he found offensive about it. Interesting follow up comments, though."

"what are the white circle things?"

"I recently discovered an artist I like, or at least I like some of her work. (Some of it I dislike), but if your interested, check out and be sure to look at her series called Mess.I also like Lois Dodd a lot.Peace everybody!"

"I do really enjoy "Part Time Human" though."

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