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Mark Bodnar  Los Angeles, CA

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About Mark

Mark grew up by the shores of the Great Lake Erie in Ohio. He moved to a haunted quarter of the state capitol and earned a BFA from the Columbus College of Art & Design in 2001. Since then, his artwork has been seen in gallery shows from New York to Los Angeles as well as various publications including The New York Times and National Geographic Adventure. Currently living in Los Angeles, he’s been hard at work on the pilot episode of a cartoon series that he created at Cartoon Network.

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Matt Kennedy

Director, La Luz de Jesus Gallery

"Light is difficult to express in painting. There are a handful of modern painters that can capture it perfectly, and lesser still who have their own style. Mark Bodnar is a very successful animator and as a result doesn't have much time to dedicate to gallery work, which is a loss for anyone who hasn't seen his work in person. When we last exhibited his paintings in November 2009, I had to show patrons that there was not a light box behind them–I literally had to remove the pieces from the wall and show them the backs to convince them that this was just acrylic paint on canvas. If the Looney Tunes were real people, they would pay Mark Bodnar millions to paint their portraits, which I suppose makes him the Rembrandt of the rugrat set."

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"sorry i did not get the website part"

"it is such great pictures both of them are"

"Those bug-eyed cartoon characters seem like capricious mischief incarnate."

"interesting cartoons, not as good as Addams or Al Capp"

"Those are real cute! And also weird. I suppose I like them just because I'm weird, too."

"anyone have an idea what show he's piloting?"


"Beautiful art!!!!!"

"I love your art!"

"Like your paintings, need more info on them, I would like to purchase one if available. Thanks. Edgar"

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