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Nina Levy  Brooklyn, NY

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About Nina

Nina Levy is an extraordinary hyper realistic figurative sculptor whose inventive use of the human form is turned to an examination of the physical and the psychic, often focusing attention to the sometimes mutual discomfort of one with the other. Through precise modeling, skillful use of polychrome, fragmentation, and disjunctive scale, Levy works the volatile side of the mind/body connection. Her well known sculptural installations and photography have explored alienation and loss, identity, and parenthood through a sharply focused, wry and reductive sensibility. It is a strength of her work that a single figure can both surprise and startle while eliciting a strongly sympathetic response in the viewer.

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"Raising child is not as difficult as it's made out to be in this piece. Maybe it's a personal preference but I hope to never see a baby's head that big ever again."

"This amazing sculptural installation about balancing your life with a child is a motivation for all parents. The artist doesn't try hard. The whole installation is a big warning.If you don't get it the world will never be a better place.Too many parents failed. I'm an european artist."

"As a parent, I perceive this as a mother and father swinging in the balance of what their child becomes and living vicariously through this molding process. Interesting!"

"this is so amazing i love your art work."

"Duane Hanson. Google him. A fine precedent for the realism in her work. She certainly changes the content with psychological issues. There is not much to quibble about. It is fine solid, work and will probably get her in some books in a few years. I think she'll be a classic. Of course there is this unsettling trend in art where art is imitating Hollywood special effects. So we just get one part of a larger movie. That is an unsolved problem. The cinematic qualities."

"Way to Go!"

"In her work I see possible themes of oral fixation, body image, rebirth (a human head going through the birth canal), arrogance ("big-headednes"), and the proverbial masks that people wear. Are we going be seeing any of Levy's work at Madame Tussauds? ;)"

"i like your picture of the two dogs"

"What the heck? Thats all im going to say."

"But Double T, that's the problem... she's TRYING hard. There's nothing spontaneous or genuine about her work."

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