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JeanYves Lemoigne  Paris, France

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About JeanYves

Jean-Yves Lemoigne’s photography is surreal, beautiful and thought provoking. his images range from unicorn-men in hard times, pixelated actresses, and regular folk hidden in the shadows. After five years of working as art director for DDB Paris, Jean-Yves Lemoigne began working exclusively as a photographer.

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"i'm interested in wheter there is a deeper reason for these two images to be juxtiposed ( I think thats how you spell it :] )"

"Jean Yves Lemoigne's work seemingly involves some satire or commentary about issues of race. The person dressed in a plain black body suit is photographed doing what are considered mundane "every-day" middle-class (bourgeois) tasks. The homeless looking person is pictured on the streets of Los Angeles, with a single horn protruding from his/her forehead -- a reference to the traditionally bright white mythical creature called the unicorn. Those two kinds of photos are a juxtaposition of the ideas of 'black' and 'white' people , which are colloquial English terms for people of European and African descent. They also contrast the lifestyles and environs of different economic classes."

"The unicorn idea is very mysterious. Kind of creepy, in a good way. And the woman, is she made out of legos? If so, interesting."

"I have to disagree with the comment on the art direction. It's appealing in its own right. There is a continuous ambiance similar (to me) as is with commercial art. I think it makes it a little more compelling to people who are over visually stimulated as it is. Its as if it is an ad with no copy, making the implications broad and diverse. My take on the surreal-ness is that the fact that it is staged makes it all the more appealing."

"I really like the unicorn theme (and have used it in my own work). I interpret it to be a symbol of alienation, of not fitting in. It also amuses me and reminds me of a recent episode of The Office, which featured a doll called Princess Unicorn. Her slogan was, "My horn can pierce the sky!""

"i love the woman with the unicorn. it expresses so much. like the backround is so detailed. and with her in the image it just pops... i looked at this picture and i couldnt take my eyes off it. usually when someone looks at an ordinary painting or picture it takes them 6 seconds. this would take them 134235678. how did you do it?"

"These are intriguing, a fantasy unseen before. With all that in its favor I must point out this one small fault, a art direction was not good. Just like in a movie, someone dressed the actors and came up with the props and found locations. Yes, seeing it here and on the website it was like early photoshots from a coming feature film. The ambience was so continuous, this seemed like mere photos from a feature film. And her art director let her down. Its an important position, the choice of acters, sweaters, wigs. all that. I hope the unicorns horn was not some sort of repurposed sex toy."

"haha, i live right by norm's.freeeeaaakkkky."

"Unicorns have always been sad figures to me. I like the way you ask the question, "Do you believe in the existence of...?" As I think, many treat the homeless like they do unicorns."

"absolutely love it... ^_^"

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