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Liz Brizzi  Los Angeles, CA

'Groves of Arashiyama'

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About Liz

A native of France, born of Italian parents, Liz grew up in Los Angeles. Inspired by the world and her travels, she loves to portray the beauty she captures in the raw, desolate and industrial aspects of big cities and their outskirts.

Her unique mixed media technique begins with the manipulation of her original photography collaged onto acrylic painted wood panels, blended within layers of colorful acrylic washes in
a final step. Liz utilizes various architectural details found in her photos to create complex graphics, structures, imaginary landscapes and alternate realities.

Quick facts about Liz

Liz graduated in 2002 from Otis Art Institute with a BFA in Illustration

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"i nalone.... is the way i woke up this morning, there was notthing from me to escavate it was plainly there morning,, solitude and beaauty"

"is this a photograph that the artist introduced other media?"

"The paintings are very beautiful and a commendable example of photo realism..great job!!"

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