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Massimo Vitali  Lucca, Italy

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About Massimo

Massimo started his career in the 1960s as a photographic journalist. Later he worked as a film cameraman before concentrating entirely on art photography. In the1990s he became internationally known for his large-scale photographs of Italian beaches, discos and other public spaces, showing anonymous Italians during their leisure pursuits. His ability to show masses of people in landscape surroundings with a balance of formal and narrative details have let his works been interpreted as a contemporary version of the genre of history and landscape paintings, reinterpreted through photography.

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"The pieces have a tasteful composition, and it works. The lines guide the eye to quickly sweep over the masses, and it isn't until one takes a closer look that the full usefulness of the composition is realized. The work seems to say, "Understand, there is more going on here." As one would carefully study and appreciate the individual brush strokes that compose a largely detailed painting, one views these individuals who are all engaged in different ways and who display different attitudes. As one would discover the character of each marking on a canvas, the viewer becomes acquainted with real people, who are interesting in a different way altogether."

"LOVE. i love love love these!!! they are beautiful peices of work. i actually like the fact that there is so much going on in each. it makes me think and i just cant stop looking at them."

"Usually I find the presence of so many people in a photo an eye-sore. But I am proud to say that I very much enjoy these two fine pieces of artwork. It gives one a real sense of today's social environment."

"Thanks for the tip, RSadler."

"At his website be sure to right click and zoom in to see all the details. It is such a difference. You can see couples looking up at his camera. you can see such detail. and detail until you are tired. Fatigue is the result not refreshment. No composition, no artistry, just sociology. Fascinating, but surely intended for a book not the single image."

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