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Jake Longstreth  Oakland, CA

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Content and aesthetics are inseparable. My subjects are chosen for what they are and how I might paint them.

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"Longstreth's work really spoke to me when I saw his show at the Gregory Lind Gallery. I collect California artists and his work immediately struck a chord that he will be an important artist, as his work I think dialogues with the work of the great artists of California like Diebenkorn, Ruscha and Thiebaud. Moreover his work reflects my own existence, as I reflected yesterday while driving through the Inland Empire to pick up my daughter from cikkege, seeing the back of a Target, it reminding of the piece "Rome" I picked up from his show. It takes the banal images of our exurban existence and makes a beautiful painting out of it, something we should all learn from. I think he is an artist to watch."

"i can see where he is going with this but at the same time i cant. I do like it tho in a strange way"

"Awesome work! I like it alot"

"Hard to believe these are paintings! I would have thought they were photos"

"Yeah I'm sick of people using this comments page as a forum to belittle each other. Grow up.Great work Jake!"

"Strange. I want to hate it but cant."

"Everyone is so angry the past two days. Elitist and condescending. I guess I should just stop reading these comments and just look at the work. Starting tomorrow..."

"Longstreth does an excellent job of showing the banal--going so far as leaving out details to make his pervasive urbanscape more empty. He works from photographs but reducing them more in paintings stripped on unessential detail. All that is left is boxy buildings and tennis courts and all the vacuousness that we would reject on first glance. Longstreth makes it immaculately visible."

"I too like David Hockney. (Yes, most of the people who have posted comment will have to GOOGLE him) Warm land scapes with cold stagnate images. It creates great juxtaposition. This is very good work, a more modern take on 60's contermerary POP style imagery. I am sorry that so many of your comments are uneducated, you deserve better. Looks Clean so let's Drop it, this DUDE does RULES!Now Try Harder!"

"I really enjoyed his work. As someone who has studied urban planning and sprawl, it reminds me of the homogenization that's occurring to our built environment. A retail store building in Ohio will look like a retail building in California, and vice versa."

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