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Tom Chambers  Richmond, VA

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About Tom

As an artist I have created photo montages to reveal a personal vision about the nature of children, animals, and their interactions. These images illustrate the fleeting moods that can’t be captured by a traditional camera or seen by the naked eye.

I initially sketch out a concept or idea I have for an image. I photograph each piece of the image using a me-
dium format film camera, generally a Mamiya Pro TL or a Fuji Rangefinder. I am careful to make sure the light
intensity and direction are similar in each of these shots.

This process may take a month depending on how quickly I am able to get all the shots and sort through
them picking the ones which work best together. “Pieces” of the final image may include the landscape or
background, often shot in sections, as well as the sky, a human figure, an animal, or another object. The processed film is scanned at a high resolution, approximately 80 megabytes per frame. Then, I use Photoshop
software with a Macintosh computer to combine each “piece”, thus creating the final image. Lastly, the image
is printed with an Epson printer using archival inks and paper.

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"wow anoneemouse. have you thought of getting some help? take a pill.tom's work is awe inspiring."

"All of his pictures are incredible. I wish I could be this creative. Really."

"Wow, I'm impressed! I'm glad everyone rallied together to defend Mr. Mantooth. A real sense of community. I never said I had a comment that was any more valuable than Roy's. I recognize that my vocabulary for describing art is not as extensive as to label myself. Just sort of sick of the half-assed negativity on these comment pages. So there...take that... and get angry at your computer screen, losers. oh nevermind I take it back...TRUCE TRUCE PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!"

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"sorry anoneemouse, like ThrowMeABone i was unaware of what is indeed appropriate for internet commenting. i should have given insight and constructive notes. nice work tom ;)"

"I like it. It's so very creative! It looks as if it is from something in their mind they were thinking about.I am impressed. But tell me this, what makes art, well, art? Does it have to come from a famous artist or can it come from the mind of even a child? I'm not saying that this is childish though. :)"

"ohh anoneemouse... - your fascinating commentary is very strong and surreal. your comments capture those exact concepts that exist in the human psyche; especially for someone that needs to have that 'power' of 'authority', and post useless comments back to the public about YOUR rules of commenting. Your two sentence comment is about as useless as any. what's your point? it's obvious that you are highly intellectual and have a lot of influence over others ideas in the artistic world. no - this bone wasn't meant for Tom. I think his art is GREAT! (anoneemouse,... please notice my power of emphasis by capitalizing the word GREAT!... hopefully you won't slander and slash me too hard just becasuse I can't think of any more beautiful and graceful adjectives to describe the artists work!)"

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