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Regino Gonzales  New York, NY

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About Regino

Regino started his tattoo appreticeship may of 1995. Along with his artistic journey he has received a BFA from The School Of Visual Arts, which was completed in 2001. This just begins to scratch the surface of a talented individual who is passionate about his artistic outlets. Outlets from painting, sketches, digital design, identity processes for major names, photography, and tattooing just to give you a brief overview of the many creative paths of Regino Gonzales.

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"wow this is really goodi really have been interested in art lately and so far i think this is my favorite! :)"

"noah's ark and the garden of eden. beautiful."

"This is great! I want to get on an airplane and go wherever he does tattoos and get one. I love bird and tree imagery and was wanting something along those lines. But anyway, the paintings seen here are great. I wish I could see more; the link to his website is not working for me."

"multimedia this detailed & awesome does not need to "infer" anything... the story it tells is whatever you want it to be...& for each of us that will be different"

"i love this artist."

"no idea what he wants us to infer"

"unnerving and richly textured. i like it!"

"Very beautiful"

"i love it!"

"I think he is fabulous and I do understand what he is trying to say, but I think the great thing about art is for the viewer you can have it mean whatever you want it too!"

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