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Ted Pushinsky  San Francisco, CA

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About Ted

Ted Pushinsky has been wandering the streets and documenting the lives of fellow San Franciscans for what he says are ‘too many years.” His images have the ability to transplant you into the precise moment that the shot was taken with his honest and raw point-and-shoot approach.

Ted invokes questions referring to the timeless quality of raw moments that he has captured in his black and white photography. His images are of unforgettable encounters and moments of timeless theatricality on the streets of America and abroad. The raw expressions and candid shots Pushinsky is able to capture make you feel as if you’re right there in the shot with him.

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"thanks for the posting!!ted pushinsky"

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"I agree with Tyler. Photographing the poor is an easy way to seem artsy. As a photographer myself, I find it exploitive and very cliche."

"If you like these I recommend checking out his website many more great pictures."

"The picture of the woman facing the crowd was so inspiring to me, I used it as my backround on my labtop. Many pple have already commented on it today. This artist really portrayed a message in his work. I love it. <3"


"I think his shots are attempting to convey messages we have already seen (a lot) in modern works. Especially the first shot on this page. People need to get more creative in the way they show how terrible consumer america is."

"I love this :)"

"y r those guys naked?"


"So much of what we see today is digitally perfect in every way, but, the work of Ted Pushinsky speaks to my soul. Thanks for sharing your vision. sHaY"

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