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Ron van der Ende  Rotterdam, The Netherlands

'Watershed (Yosemite)'
Bas-relief in salvaged wood
Bas-relief in salvaged wood

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About Ron

Ron van der Ende makes perspective reliefs in old wood. Each covered in a mosaic of thin colored veneers. Ron doesn’t paint the wood itself; he keeps a large collection of old planks and doors in the colors he needs. His work includes a series of 14 motor cars in which numerous American classics, a Ferrari, a smashed-up Toyota and a G.A.Z. Volga were represented.

He subsequently explored the possibilities of his collage construction technique further, making boats, an out-board motor, a plane and even buildings.

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"i like"

"I like the circle it looks like a wood circle!"

"Interesting formal qualities"

"nice colors & design"

"hola me encanta esto es muy especial desearia poderlo ver en vivo"

"its supurb and fantastic ........ i dont have words to tell about that pic by him as he always great ..........."

"really great work. immense amount of patience involved. bravo!"

"cool stuff"

"cool sculpture"

"rek is all ways gona be the best"

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