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Elise Rasmussen  Brooklyn, NY

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About Elise

The characters in The Passing of Life are imagined and play an integral role in an overall family construct. Each is dealing with their own sense of aloneness from those around them, illustrated by the spotlight and gaze segregating one figure in each image. Although each character experiences their own moment of isolation, this simultaneously becomes both the differentiation and commonality between the subjects.

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"I went to the artist's website and saw that these photos are from an old series. Her bio makes a lot more sense with her current work, which I found much more compelling."

"I think that the mom staring at the kid is just one of those same old boring pictures it would really get lost in a gallery with all the other still shots."

"It sparks the voyeur in me! Like taking an early evening walk and making up stories about the people I see. I would look at more."

"I feel like I am watching an episode of Oprah. Creepy with a side of Daddy issues. No thanks, I'm good."

"I love your bio. It's hilarious."

"i lyv this story it is very good i think ppl can learn from this"

"Personally, I am tired of these stills from an imaginary movie that are so popular now. She even writes exposition to set up the scene. The quality was a little lacking but not much just a B on the old school F to A scale. A lot of work, posing, props, actors, and lighting which makes me say it is similar to a still from a movie. For all that was right there was just some one or two glaring mistakes.Painting is holding its own in New York galleries, and photographs are well established. If you are uncomfortable with photographs I suggest you work on acceptance. They are here until the apocalypse.Thank you for sharing your work, Elise."

"the man on the bed is creepy. i think that was the point. and i get the feeling from the photo."

"I feel as if your lighting is a little weak. I get the gridspot effect and understand what you are going for, but I feel that the little girl and father become lost a little to much. I like the story and understand that aspect but feel that that the technical aspect does not do the storyline justice."

"The dull colors and atmosphere of these photos make them chilling. After reading what they are about from the artist, I am more affected by them. They express an emotion that is unable to describe with words."

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