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Mu Pan  Brooklyn, NY

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About Mu

For me, painting is not about pursuing fame, gaining a reputation and being praised by the art critique. Painting is a personal realm, one in which to hide, to cry out and to escape. When I need to speak up, painting is my tongue; when I need to make a war, it is my spear; when I am tired and need a place to lie down, it is my shelter; and when I have committed a sin as a human, painting is my intimate confession. I choose to employ an illustrative approach to making my pictures. Narrative imagery is still needed in the contemporary world, as mythology is still alive. Mythology will always exist as long as humans continue to make art and tell stories.

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"The idea of the pictures are a bit wierd or unregular, but the colors and the feeling of the painting is quite remarkable! Good work!:)"

"Wow - what great colors! Love the vibrancy and life in these. PS " the background to the left of the monkey?" That's no monkey, you ape. :)"

" that a Wii controller in the background to the left of the monkey?"

"I love the fact that this person uses real emotions from life and puts it in a paintings mythology. It is like reality and mythology married each other and clashed."

"this artist has balls and they are balls that rock."

"Superb work. Keep narrating!"

"Great colors love it and most of all i love what you wrote. Thats exactly how i feel. Beautiful!"

"This artist is fantasic. Rarely do we see traditionally infused contempory asian work that comes off as something greater than shallow consumer glorification. The artist's integrity is also very honorable and such a breath of freash air in our sell out all you can times. Simply, great. Can't wait to see more of this artists work."

"I really like these.Intriguing style that reflects oriental culture,but much more powerful than what I'd usually expect.go visit his website, there's tons of great work & studies."

"Fantastic work. You are an amazing artist. Where can your work be purchased?"

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