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Shauna Born  Toronto, ON, Canada

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About Shauna

Shauna’s figurative portraits feature her friends and family. Her subjects are revealed in intimate and soft compositions which often seem to stare straight through you. She was educated at the Ontario College of Art and Design. She has had several solo exhibitions across Toronto and many group shows to her credit.

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"Beautiful. I love the first painting. The marks on her face and those eyes. Wow!"

"to Cyberlioness and Kinghale, I don't see how you think we are stuck in an age of Realism. You need to look around more, a lot more. Museums are filled to the brim with Avant Garde and Post-modern art, Pop surrealism/lowbrow is growing and outsider art is all around. None of these are realistic at all. I and fellow artists are waiting patiently for realism and figurative works to come back, and make money as well."

"I say it is beautiful. It is very kind of you to share it we us.....Thanks"

"Beautifully painted. Would look amazing in someone's living room. Boring as hell.To the last comment: You are bitter because you didn't make it."

"Very nice job."

"it has been said when art is in trouble, realism is there to save it."

"cyberlioness,what the hell are you talking about? you must live in a cave or something.experimentation abounds and the ruling fashion does not favor realism. and why "bemoan" anything. it's all expression. because something doesn't mirror what you do is no need to be threatened by it. its not the realism that is the cliche. look beyond the surface please. cheers."

"what a beautiful work of watercolors. very in depth with a lot of skill. inspiring."

"This comment is in response to the first comment by cyberlioness. I dont want to steel the thunder of the featured artist. Her work is beautifully rendered and she has amazing talent. You asked where are the Jackson Pollacks? You asked for flights of fancy etc. Well here it is at and You Tube at I too hope the pendulum swings."

"While these portraits are haunting and very interesting, I ask myself: where are the Jackson Pollacks? I am a hard core experimental novelist--a speculative, post-modern fiction writer, and I bemoan the age of realism we seem to be stuck in--in all the art genres--visual, literary, theatrical, musical--you name it! Realism, realism realism everywhere! I long for imaginative flights of fancy, absurdity, humor, experimentation--trying new things out of the box and all I get hit with is more so-called realism. Maybe it's because I am 30 years older than all the young artists who are getting all the attention--who knows? Perhaps the pendulum will swing around again."

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