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About Bert

In 2006, when the answer to my ‘mid-life crisis’ question ‘what will remain of me”‘ came close to: ‘ ….nothing’ I decided to clone myself to change the odds. At the moment my clones are spreading around the world.

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"kinda freaky"

"kinda like a more genius six feet under Claire thing to do"


"the use of paper gives these pieces so much depth...very interesting"

"I like his reason for cloning himself. Now I want to clone myself too."

"This was a great idea! I might switch from 2d to 3d after seeing this.. My brother has been using blender since 2004. I'm much better at art that I can touch than using a keyboard and mouse so this looks like something I might want to try"

"Bert is an artist whom it is not an insult to call "Interesting.""

"Your work caught my eye early on this Saturday morning, the image with stay with me all day. A pleasant haunting I'd say."

"I love these portraits and find paper as a medium very satisfying, especially used like this - connects people with trees and nature. I would like to have seen photos of the "familiar papercraft houses and animals" online but looked in vain."

"Wow! That is some awesome work. Cardboard Cutie on the artist's site is just incredible, I wish he didn't paint her, though."

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