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Ville Kansanen  Los Angeles, CA

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About Ville

My work moral is either to build something sculptural or visually enforcing and photographing it, or technically building an image that no longer adheres to a single moment photograph. The themes I work with are of unsettling human experiences, in many ways I distort what I view as “the truth” or “the things of importance” by bringing them to the fore-front. This is a way for me to understand how I experience human contact and how it often mars my sentiment. I deal with humanity in pieces and a sense of motion, transferring decisive moments onto a singular piece, I call these “ensembles” which are designed to enforce the human experience as moving, multidimensional, and one of multiple answers.

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"They are very inspiring pieces. Not my favorite, but I do like them very much."

"jimberg63: art is work is a matter of semantics (a lot of people enjoy their work)Butin German Art is Kunst which translates Worksin Spanish Art is Obras which translates work.So you of course may pursue your cause but it is a non-existent one. It is semantics. Art is by dictionary definition "work".I am sorry you had such a bad experience with work. I find that work gives life a significant portion of its meaning and pleasure. Also when I am making art I transcend normal states of consciousness."

"I enjoy the, playful and graphically interguing. Question to its life expectancy, in that it finds its way potentially into a box of 'also' interesting and playful. Hard to overcome a genre found to be popular with folks who are themselves, creative fun and playful. With this I still wish to thank the artist...for an enjoyable few moments."

"i love how these images create interest, and I can't quite figure out what is happening. Quite intriguing."

"finally, someone with something to offer."

" is art.....but not all the time...but its a great job...i love what ur pic are all they come together...very nice"

"Unique. Makes you think and want more."

"your skill is impressive but the message is lost to me. i would focus your work on something personally meaningful to you, then maybe the rest of the world will be convinced that you are actually affected by your own art. otherwise, what's the point of creating?"

"Me gusta mucho. It's very fun to look at.Also, yes, art is work (and perhaps vice versa? I haven't thought much about it). I don't understand why people on here (or is it mainly just mr. jimberg63?) always insist otherwise."

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