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Emily Smith Satis  Philadelphia, PA

Watercolor and fabric
Watercolor and fabric

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About Emily Smith

Emily Smith Satis was born and raised in New Jersey and received her BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. After maintaining a somewhat nomadic and reclusive lifestyle, she relocated to Philadelphia in 2008. She is currently the Executive Director of Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens.

Emily explains the work by saying, “In the spring of 2015, I was assaulted by a stranger on my walk home from the gym. I was left unconscious on the street with a severe concussion, broken jaw and sinus, and shattered tooth. The assailant was never brought to justice. ‘When A Man Decides to Hurt You’ is not only an attempt for me to process the event, but it is also an examination of the profound physical and emotional impact of violence in America, particularly against women. I juxtaposed watercolors with explosive fabric patterns; a pairing that is meant to both agitate the eye and champion more “feminine” media. They are framed in traditional Americana patterns, a reminder that mine is an unexceptional American story. We live in a society where physical, sexual, and emotional violence against women is commonplace, and violence stemming from poverty, racial injustice, and lack of support for those struggling with their mental health is part of our everyday landscape. These paintings document one story in a sea of stories. I hope it leads us to a confrontational conversation: what is happening here in America? What role are we all playing in the systemic nature of violence? And what are we actively doing to stop it?”

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