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Bobbie Burgers  Vancouver, BC, Canada

'Wild Sweet Love #1'
'Revelation #1'

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About Bobbie

Bobbie Burgers was born in 1973 in Vancouver, B.C. She received a B.A. in Art History in 1996 from the University of Victoria. She has studied in Aix-en-Provence, France and returns often to recapture the life, light and spirit of Provence that she embrues into her painting.

Bobbie explains the work by saying, “While I paint, I am suspended between sweetness and sorrow. Suspended between worlds: youth and aging, wild freedom and sage wisdom, winter and spring. The sweetness and sorrow in paintings is that tension that makes you feel something deeper, something hidden in the brushstrokes, like a certain yearning, seeing the artists hand searching. There is the obvious sweetness that flowers suggest, but there is also a sadness to them, fading, turning to dust, a sort of mournful quality. Its their own brief life that makes them all the more sweet while around. they perform beautifully, perfumed and colored, but one must be in the moment to enjoy. And to paint, one has to be in the moment, grasping that moment, and trying to capture that moment with all its frailty and complexity.”

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