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Patrick Gunderson  Los Angeles, CA

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About Patrick

My artwork attempts to take order, ordered systems and ordered patterns and shake them up. Nothing is perfect, even though things are modeled in perfect mathematics there are always tiny, sometimes microscopic, imperfections. Incorporating these imperfections into pure algorithmic systems creates a sense of order that we crave visually, but provides a warmer more natural feel that is unavailable through equations alone.

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"Great art!No matter what medeum is used to create art, it's an achievemet."

"I don't care if the guy did this in cow manure. It is compelling and mysterious."

"I wish I could do it!"

"Our Goals are also different. While Natzke has stated his goal is to create a system that more naturally mimics painting, I am more interested in pushing these tools to do things that can't be done with paint, and using their capabilities to make something that looks unique to them."

"Yep. It definitely uses some of the same tools as Natzke such as particle-based ribbons and Adobe flash capture engine. Not unlike Braque to Picasso (I am neither of these geniuses, just drawing a comparison to the situation).I think I've taken these tools and expanded in my own branch, creating work that doesn't really look like Natzke."

"It looks like the same style as Erik Natzke."

""I??d say this was pure genius if it was painted. The fact that it??s computer generated takes away a lot of the awe."The computer is just the tool. It's a brush with paint on it. This guy is just using his mind more than his hand."

"This really caught my eye because I thought it was paint. I'm not sure what to think of "digital art" at the moment but these are, nonetheless, very energetic compositions."


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