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Chris Lyter  Newport, PA

Oil on Canvas
'Blue Opalescence'
Oil on Canvas

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About Chris

Chris Lyter is a lifelong resident of central Pennsylvania. Using palette knife and brush, Chris employs dynamic color and contrasting values applied with a combination of smooth, refined brushstrokes and areas of thick, textured impasto to produce immersive, three-dimensional works of art. Chris’s paintings can be seen in galleries, venues, and private collections throughout the region and the country.

Chris explains his work by saying, “Creating abstract artwork opens my mind. My process for creating an abstract painting is free flowing and natural, allowing me to follow the painting as it evolves rather than attempt to adhere to a preconceived notion of the end result. I often only have a vague idea of color palette and composition when I begin painting, at times ending up with something vastly different from what I may have initially imagined. This, to me, is the adventure of painting abstraction. The process forces spontaneity. The painting can become a reflection of the thoughts, emotions, and mood I experience while I work.”

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"This work opens my imagination and I feel somehow more connected to the "everything" of the universe."

"Christopher has a God-given talent for abstract art. I always look forward with anticipation to his postings on Facebook."

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