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Cecile Plaisance  Brussels, Belgium

'Swimming Pool'
'Let's Go'

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About Cecile

Since her childhood, Cécile Plaisance has photographed things she finds beautiful…

Her compositions of Barbies where already the stars in her first snapshots.

To make life more light hearted, a reminder of the innocence of our childhoods, of all the little girls who relentlessly dressed and undressed this doll …bringing those soft, innocent memories back to life.

Then as Cécile’s work progressed, she linked Barbie to the woman of today, playing with her femininity and taking on many lives at once… beauty icon in magazines, juggling with the real life Ken while remaining an accomplished housewife, flirting in her convertible, cheeky at the beach, ecstatically happy for Spring break, executive woman at the office, autonomous, ageless and in the end… terribly alone.

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"Hi Cecile, I was on line looking at art, and came across yours. I’m impressed.. We would love to here from you and Philippe. It’s been so long! How’s the kids ? We’re still in Huntington Beach and Hawaii. Patti and Basil millan"

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