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Trent Call  Salt Lake City, UT

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About Trent

I believe in process, spontaneity, and action. My style and interests are varied, as are the mediums I use. The medium foresees the style. The interest suggests the medium. My work combines formal academic painting and drawing with a strong interest in graffiti, comics, graphics, and pattern.

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"I think that it is beutiful to me"

"I love the first one, because it makes ne really want to look at it, and its easy to understand.I LOVE the colors in the second one."

"hey was that me passed out on the couch?"

"like the unique qualities of your art. it is done very well and i have to say i love the woman and the paint roller. amazing job"

"nice work"

"WAy to do something different so little do artists giv us something to learn as we walk awa, many people walk through a museum and leave the same, no new thoughts... you have only really seen art if you start to think or learn something"

"the home wrecker print is the best!"

"wierd but intresting"

"very interesting i like it"

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