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Koren Shadmi  New York, NY

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About Koren

Koren Shadmi was born in Israel, where from his early teens he worked as an illustrator and cartoonist for various magazines.

At 17 He had his first graphic novel published, followed by another book collecting his work from children’s magazines. He proceeded to serve as a graphic designer and illustrator in the Israeli Defense Force.

Upon completion of his service he relocated to New York to study in the School of Visual Arts, where he acquired his bachelor degree.

His graphic work has appeared in numerous international anthologies, and his books ‘Cours Interieures’ and ‘Dissymetries’ have recently been published in France. He has also participated in various national and international art shows, most recently in the 2007 Israel biannual and the 2008 Helsinki biannual.

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"i think you need to really look deep in the meaning of art, i am practiced, but what i do, only i understand. i think it is hard to make people ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND THE MESSAGE. i think these are easy to get"

"I love that this artist doesn't stay with just one theme all the time from the Hands of God saving the person to a woman with band aids all over her body except where she needs it. It has deep meaning and a fun feel because of illustration. Very good."

"Woah :0I am so happy that I have just discovered this artis :D"

"Pkay, the chic with the Bad-Aids is freaky and foolish. However, I LOVE the hand of God saving the swimmer!!!"

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