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Stas Stankovskkiy  Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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About Stas

Stas Stankovskiy is a photographer and digital artist from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Stas explains his work by saying, “Since I took the camera in search of inspiration and my own style, photography became the means of expressing creativity for me both for personal and business domains. For several years, I have been closely collaborating with digital agencies and it resulted in implementation of a number of remarkable and vibrant ideas. For me, each project is an original artistic idea in combination with the attention to detail, thought through workflow, creative retouching and 3D digital image processing techniques. Thanks to this fusion it is possible to create astonishing images which precisely translate the idea and make the viewer fall for them.”.

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"Eerie and hopeful, realistic and fantastical brought together in one space. My emotional reaction to the beauty is .....I love it and my mind says ....hmmm. what is that about?"

"superimposing a natural form over a natural environment"

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