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Oleg Dou  Moscow, Russia

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About Oleg

I have always been interested in human individuality and self-expression. The ‘Naked Faces” project is devoted to the relationship between human’s inner world with human’s behavior in society. The society still restricts behavior and thought of a human being.

This project is a kind of a protest that is to show that a person should remain who he is and that people should perceive him in the way he is. The persons presented in my works lack individuality: the eyebrows and the eyelashes are removed, the skin is smoothed.

I have always tried to make observers not be indifferent to my pictures but that does not mean that emotions should only be positive – they can express both alarm, fear and tearing away.

Visually I am inspired by culture of fashion and surrealists. I often shock people. I try to create the my personal aesthetics of the works, I try to combine reality with artificiality.

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"He is just simply one of my favorite photo artists since 2006! I think there is no need to write why! His flawlessly executed portraits of alien like people just take your breath away."

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"your photos are amazing. Laura Cooke Lipson school plymouth england."

"what is theme of 2nd pic"

"omg how great, creepy too :P"

"This picture is a really photo i love the second one meore. but the words on the girls face add this different mood to it. it's abstract. love it."

"so sick"

"This is humanity. Period."

"I absolutely love these! But I agree, your description does your work no justice."

"i love your work so much!! it shows individuality! especially the first one. not many artists can take such an extreme approach to an object.well done"

"to the people's comments about the artists' writing skills, have you considered that the artist is from russia and that some things are lost in translation?"

""Please, let your work speak for itself. Your writing lacks clarity and skill."I agree. Your work is so unique and yet the artist statement sounds like a juvenile cliche. It's obvious, overly simplistic, and it takes away from the quality of your work."

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