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Pippa Young  Penzance, UK

'Self restraint'
'The half truth'

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About Pippa

Pippa Young is a painter who lives and work in Penzance, Cornwall, England.

Pippa’s work is about being human, the things we experience and how we deal with them. The work is about the fragility, transience and timelessness of being human; the fragmented nature of the information and images we receive (through TV, internet, media, facebook); and how we use that experience to construct our own reality. Using a mixture of visual languages and materials, part of Pippa’s process is to recontexualize figures from their original source (often old master paintings) and to combine them with visual elements from other sources, as well as contemporary cultural ideas, to create new meanings and a new relevance for those figures in the modern world. The work has an intentional, contemplative ambiguity – the viewer’s interpretation is as relevant as the thoughts and intentions of the artist.

Pippa explains the work by saying, “I would like my paintings to act as a contemplative space where the viewer can make their own connections and form their own interpretations. My aim is to express something of the transience and vulnerability of the human condition as well as the surreal and fragmented nature of the world around us.”

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