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Lorri Honeycutt  Austin, TX

'Kitchen Crime'
'Time to Glaze the Doughnuts'

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About Lorri

Did you know that laughter heals the heart, increases your metabolism, makes you happy, and touches even the grumpiest demeanor” A sense of humor is a gift. Meeting those who share your odd sense of humor is joyous!

Living a full life requires that we keep our eyes open to new ideas and with an appreciation of the world around us. There are small treasures of happiness everywhere. Sometimes we have to look closely to see them.

I have been dabbling in photography for many years. Depictions of happy or humorous characters have always caught my attention in all art mediums. Matching “what if” ideas with the perspective of large and small opens up a huge world of photo opportunities. My macro photos are a mix of miniature figures posed in clever situations. My goal is to make you think, and then smile.

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"Thanks for checking out my work. The rest of my work can be seen on my website, www.bigworldphoto.comcheers!Lorri"

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"Do you still have your pic of "Put the toilet seat down"I would be interested in purchasing a few."

"I bought 3 of your works at the Bethany Beach Boardwalk Event.I love them and wanted to see your web site to get more or maybe some cards.I typed in your email and was told the site is out. Did you change your web site?"

"Interested in your art. Is there a site to purchase art"

"Hi Lorri we met in Vero Beach and I bought five of your great pictures all family and friends love them. Do you have a copy of all your work on line so that they can buy some. I came back to your tent 3 times and I did smile a lot. Thanks,good luck with your shows in S.Florida."

"Lorri, I have 6 of your pictures on my wall framed! Thank you so much for the awesome photos. I wish I would have more....many people stop and stare and analize. Love it! I also have the cards but I am getting low. Will have to replenish soon :) Have a great day!!"

"Nice work, eventhough you're not! the only one making these types of photos. I'm an avid fan of Slinkachu, check him out, and bought his books. Keep on doing this, as we need humor to survive mentally."

"just some of your prints @ a friend's & am interested if you have a website to order from - i'm interested in the surf's up. thanks."

"Hi Lorri, I have some of your prints and have reordered your "Thank You" cards and need more. Your easilyentertained website shown on the back of the card does not reflect you. Please send me info. I met you at a show. Linda Mace, my daughter, said she saw you recently. We live in Mocksville, NC Thanks."

"Hi Lorri-I have lost your card and want to purchase your 'Sumo Wrestler' with the grape.plz contact me.."

"I have lost your card. would love to purchase some of your photos."

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