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Joshua Going  New York, NY

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About Joshua

Joshua Going was born and raised in Saco, Maine. At 19, Joshua moved to San Francisco, California to pursue his Photography degree. This was an incredibly impactful time in his life. After completing his Associates, Joshua decided to make a daring move back to the East Coast. Joshua currently resides in Brooklyn where he’s diving head first into the commercial and art world. Joshua thrives by putting himself out of his comfort zone. Whether by exploring new places, new people, or new subjects in his work, Joshua takes challenges in stride. He seeks out new environments and styles in order to create innovative imagery. Versatility is an understatement when describing Joshua and his work, and routine and repetition will never be a part of this artist’s work or lifestyle. Because of this versatility, Joshua flourishes as both a fine art and commercial photographer. Joshua is eager to learn all aspects of photography through first hand experience, and has chosen not to limit himself to one specific area. Joshua’s portfolio is evidence of his multi­faceted nature, and to specialize would only limit him from creating a wide range of very successful work.

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