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Andy Espinoza  Sarasota, FL

Charcoal on Paper
Charcoal on Paper

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About Andy

Andy Espinoza is a representational oil painter who has an enthusiasm for painting the human figure. He enjoys exploring the unique relationship between shapes and values that give each figure its subtle appeal. His work has been in several distinguished juried gallery exhibitions such as the Greenhouse Gallery’s “Salon International” in San Antonio, TX, The 81st American Artists Professional League’s Grand National Exhibition for which he was award the “Salmagundi Club Award”, and the Salmagundi Club’s “Non Member Painting Exhibition” in New York City. Andy is a recent graduate of the Ringling College of Art and Design with a B.F.A. in Illustration.

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"Beautiful, looks like after finishing a happy ending, you know. I'll stand up and see my girlfriend there laying there, telling me "I Love You." love the art peace. nice work into the vida(life)."


"You certainly have it and your passion for art shines thank you for sharing"

"these pictures really capture the escents of the person or people you painted."

"Again, Kinkaide, with the chick touch. If they are lying prone why not have their leg spread as well. Oh, where is Michaelangelo...."My paintings are not photographic representations of my subjects but rather are my elaboration of what I find to be of value in them." (A. Espinosa)DEAD on"

"Painting great.Subject matter attractive.Topic interesting.orHOT!So what.Kinkaide.aka"

"Really amazing. The color brings it out. It's the feel for the character that makes me want more work from Espinoza. It's great and I want to see more."

"Classic studies of human form, so often this type of art art is emotionless, not Andy's work, it reeks of emotion. The old masters would be proud, skill & feeling."

"I honestly have no idea what you just said. But love your work. I draw a bit myself but have no knowledge about the literary terms used in art."

"I am greatful for artist like Mr. Espinoza. He has captured the beauty of the humanbody as it is intended to be seen. A perfect creation made by God for us to wondre at. Not stare at. His style is simple but complex in detail. As A photagrapher I wish I could capture my subjects with such complex simplicity of detail and color."

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