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Judy Hintz-Cox  Oak Island, NC

'Something to comtemplate'
'Somewhere over the rainbow'

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About Judy

Judy Hintz-Cox is an abstract painter from Oak Island, NC.

Judy explains her work by saying, “If my paintings create an emotion, I feel I have accomplished my objective. Sometimes I have an idea in my mind which I attempt to outline on the canvas using charcoal. That canvas image is never what was in my head. I use turpentine and rags to smear the charcoal and then step back and look at what I’ve done. Using large brushes and my hands, I apply gobs of thick white paint to the canvas. My process is one of moving away from the painting to contemplate what’s going on which dictates how to continue. It is a balancing act, meaning that parts of the painting are scrapped off while other parts are added. I use oil paint, encaustic paste and wax as well as epoxy resin. I paint both expressive and minimal canvases. I create the pieces but have no interpretation for them. Observers of my paintings can give them meaning or not.”

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