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Jochen Hoeller  Vienna, Austria

28 science fiction books
'Book Loop'

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About Jochen

Jochen Hoeller was born in Amstetten, Austria and now lives and works in Vienna.

Potential visions of the future from 28 science fiction books converge into one point. Lines of text come from each book and all ideas about the future concentrate in the blue eye of the oracle. In the search for answers, oracles have served to cryptically answer questions about the future or decisions since antiquity. When knowledge reaches its limit and it is suddenly no longer about logic, then we turn to a symbol of religious or pagan origin. The reflection in the eye of the oracle allows for contemplation about the past and future and suggests one thing: the answers one seeks lay within. According to the philosopher Machiavelli, one must first look to the past in order to see the future. These books do not deal with fantasy, but rather with a possible development of our societal reality. When looking into the eye of the oracle, the question of reality, fact or fiction arises. However, Hoeller’s oracle does not give us any answers, instead it sets questions loose into the space.

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