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Ingrid Bugge  Copenhagen, Denmark

'The Essence of Ballet, a Folk Tale'
'The Essence of Ballet, a Folk Tale'

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About Ingrid

Ingrid Bugge is an artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

She explains her work by saying, “The human body, movement and the personal, subjective story are my artistic passions. I mirror what I see and thus I must feel and understand before creating my own interpretations. In my art projects, I always start by examining the subject – the scientific subject as well as the subjective and personal subject. I collect motifs and textures with my camera. In Photoshop I work with different colour schemes and play with textures and motifs creating my own visual universe in my photographic collages. Light, darkness and passion. My art works are inspired by the renaissance painters refined techniques working with background, middle ground and main subject. I am amazed by their ability to manipulate light and darkness as well as their passion for dense expression. This is why I use the dramatic effect of contrasts when I create shapes and narratives in my photographs.”

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